New 'The World's End' Trailer Clears Up What's Trying to Kill Simon Pegg and Nick Frost

New 'The World's End' Trailer Clears Up What's Trying to Kill Simon Pegg and Nick Frost

May 22, 2013

The first poster for The World's End with actual characters in it hit near the beginning of the month, but it was a little cryptic. Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz stars Simon Pegg and Nick Frost were clearly on the run from something, but what? The first teaser trailer didn't really make it any clearer, either. All it showed was that they're on an epic pub crawl when they realize the town they're in is full of people who aren't human (the glowing mouths and eyes are a bit of a giveaway). Well, now there's a new trailer for the film out, and it removes all question marks: it's robots. Damned, dirty robots have taken over the town.

Okay, so there are still a few question marks left, the most pressing being why have robots taken over a small British town?

We'll have to wait until August 23 (aka the Best Weekend to Watch Movies This Summer) to find out for sure. For now, this slightly less enigmatic trailer will have to suffice. And if you're in the mood to see a British guy reunite with his childhood friends to get drunk in small town only to find themselves surrounded by a village full of the mindless and murderous, I highly recommend Doghouse (it's on Netflix Watch Instantly). We'll throw that trailer in here as well, just for good measure.



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