Watch: 'The Wolverine' Fights Off the Silver Samurai in New Trailer

Watch: 'The Wolverine' Fights Off the Silver Samurai in New Trailer

May 01, 2013

At the start of this week Warner Bros. released a trailer for Pacific Rim that, up until that point, had only ever been seen by the lucky attendees of WonderCon. The reaction to the footage was a resounding "Holy Sh**********t!" But it turns out it wasn't only fans that were impressed. Twentieth Century Fox took note of the (unsurprisingly) successful Con-to-Internet trailer strategy, because now it is doing the same with The Wolverine.

This trailer in question was created specifically for CinemaCon, the convention primarily geared toward showing theater owners and other industry players what studios have in store for the coming year. But now it's just any ole trailer, because the studio has plucked it from Con exclusivity and put it online. It was a good call, too, because it does get us a tad more excited for a movie that's actually being overshadowed by many of the other big tentpole movies coming out this summer.

Don't expect to gleam any plot from this CinemaCon marketing. This one is all about showing Hugh Jackman's Wolverine as a weapon. It's short, but it's too the point, and we dig that about it.



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