New Wolfman Trailer Looks Promising, New Star Wars Rumors, and a Nicole Kidman Oops

New Wolfman Trailer Looks Promising, New Star Wars Rumors, and a Nicole Kidman Oops

Oct 22, 2009

  •  We're Lycan It The second trailer for Wolfman has debuted and marginally suspect CGI aside, vampires schmampires--werewolves are the new black.
  •  Star Wars Episode VII: May the Source Be Untrue? From the rumor mill comes word that another stab at making a decent trilogy that isn’t a craptastic cartoon or TV series may be under way, to be completely 3-D. Before you start rolling your eyes, know this: this rumor also claims George Lucas wouldn’t direct it.
  • Hope Her Foot Tastes Good Nicole Kidman claimed before Congress that Hollywood contributes to violence against women, like that didn’t exist centuries before Hollywood was around. Guess this means we won’t be seeing her in Dogville 2 or the next Stepford Wives installment.
  • Twister Clear Forecast The Weather Channel will air movies for the first time in its 27-year history every Friday at 8 p.m., opening with the obvious, A Perfect Storm, followed by dubiously weather-related choices like Misery and Deep Blue Sea. What, no Twister?
  • Reich On! Here's the trailer for a Danish movie called Broderskab, about the relationship between two young gay guys (it’s in Danish, but hey, the language of love overcomes all). Only problem is—they’re also Nazis! And Tom Cruise isn’t in it!

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