New Tron Still, Zach Galifianakis, Exorcist? Plus: Captain America Rumors and Angelina's UnWanted 2

New Tron Still, Zach Galifianakis, Exorcist? Plus: Captain America Rumors and Angelina's UnWanted 2

Feb 26, 2010

  •  In Like Flynn Disney has let a still from Tron Legacy out of their iron grip that’s basically a preview of what you’ll see in the trailer, which debuts this weekend attached to Alice in Wonderland.
  •  Bro-ssessed The Hangover scene stealer Zach Galifianakis will cause heads to spin again for completely different reason in quite possibly a first in the “exorcism buddy comedy” genre. He's attached to play a fake demon-expeller who ends up facing real trouble with his friend.
  •  1, 2, Freddy’s Coming for You… Ol’ razorfingers is back in this new trailer for A Nightmare on Elm Street, and like that it’s a remake or not, it looks pretty damn scary.
  •  Toying Around No Steel deal for Taylor Lautner, who has just dropped out of playing Mattel’s superhero Max Steel in favor of playing Hasbro’s Stretch Armstrong. Oh well, now we’ll have to make room on our shelves for just two Taylor Lautner action figures (the other one’s that little-known guy Jacob Black) instead of three.
  •  Transformers 3…D Michael Bay, who has called 3D simply a “gimmick,” is apparently changing his tune now that financial juggernaut Avatar has taken over the world. According to this report, it sounds like he may be thinking about processing some of the sequel in 3D, if not filming it that way.
  •  Buh-bye, San Diego? Comic Con is considering a move from the San Diego Convention Center to the Anaheim Convention Center in 2013. Damn, ‘cause I liked driving two hours to stay in a hotel just barely within walking distance and not getting in to the Iron Man presentation because it was too full.
  •  Out of the Picture? Some wild rumors are going around about Captain America these days, not the least of which is this one that claims director Joe Johnston could be replaced and the movie pushed back. Marvel denies all of this, of course. Meantime, here’s the shortlist of contenders being considered to star.
  •  Un-Wanted Angelina Jolie must really, really not want to do the sequel to Wanted. Even though co-star James McAvoy has expressed interest in reprising his role and co-creator Mark Millar says a script is close to done for Wanted 2, Angie not only insisted her killer-for-hire be essentially killed off in the first movie, she has now (unofficially, anyway) turned down the movie—which could effectively shut it down altogether. Talk about a project assassin.

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