New Study Discovers the Perfect Date Movie, and It Might Surprise You

New Study Discovers the Perfect Date Movie, and It Might Surprise You

May 29, 2013


My favorite first date movie is a horror film. It's a genre I'm knowledgeable about and genuinely love, so I'm always really excited to see a spooky movie (or something ridiculously gory) with someone I like. It also helps me weed out the guys I probably don't want to spend a lot of time around — though to be honest, I've rarely met men who hated horror. Most are quite thrilled that I'm so enthusiastic about it. Comic book movies are also fun first-date films, and now there's proof.
Major U.K. cinema chain Cineworld conducted a nationwide survey and discovered that 77% of women want to see a superhero film for their ideal first date. Over 62% of men agreed and breathed a deep sigh of relief. We're not surprised, since comic book movies really have it all: action, romance, geekiness and tons of drama. "Superhero films are huge right now," Cineworld's Roy Gower said. "The recent success of films like The Dark Knight, Iron Man and The Avengers has rekindled our love for comic book heroes and whetted our appetites for the latest superhero installment, Man of Steel, released on June 14."
These results don't seem to translate to the source material, however. DC just reported that 93% of its New 52 readers were male — a series that was supposed to offer more diversity. We know plenty of women who enjoy both, so fear not. Has anyone started a comic book geek matchmaking/dating website yet?

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