Watch: Another 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Trailer Arrives, Only This One Is Much Moodier

Watch: Another 'Star Trek Into Darkness' Trailer Arrives, Only This One Is Much Moodier

Apr 16, 2013

Dear studios: we need to talk about your summer movie-marketing strategies. Namely, you're putting out way too many trailers for things. We understand that it's tough out there and that you've got stiff competition from every corner, but we're starting to reach a saturation point from which there's no return. Case in point, yet another new trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness.

J.J. Abrams' latest jaunt with the crew of the Enterprise isn't even the number-one offender, but it's certainly gunning for Iron Man 3's crown as the King of Too Much Footage. Granted the marketing campaign isn't quite as seemingly spoiler heavy as the latter's - we're still playing the 'is he or isn't he Kahn?' game with Benedict Cumberbatch's character - but with less than 30 days to go before the film's May 15 release, it's safe to assume that everyone who will be seeing this opening weekend is already excited. 

If, however, you're still not quite convinced that Abrams and company need your money, here's another look at Star Trek Into Darkness. It's pretty Cumberbatch-heavy but still doesn't dive too deeply into the plot. That's a good thing as far as we're concerned, we just hope Paramount doesn't wear out fan enthusiasm with too many prerelease clips.

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