New 'RoboCop' Trailer Tries to Make Crime Poop Its Pants

New 'RoboCop' Trailer Tries to Make Crime Poop Its Pants

Nov 07, 2013

You could make a pretty compelling argument that the world doesn’t really need another RoboCop movie, let alone a remake. Paul Verhoeven’s violent and darkly comic original film still stands the test of time (and in age where drone strikes have entered the common vernacular, it’s arguably timelier than ever), but we’re getting a remake anyway – and today we’ve got the new official trailer for the film.

In it, Samuel L. Jackson makes the case for using robots to patrol our streets here in America (going so far as to say Americans are “robo-phobic”) and Michael Keaton seizes the opportunity to make a cyborg cop who can keep us safe from crime. The result is a brand new RoboCop who will fight the good fight and eliminate the criminal element in our cities.

Director Jose Padilha offers us lots of quick-cut action with RoboCop taking on other robots and various crooks. Stuff explodes, guns are fired, and action abounds – but it’s hard not to notice the black comedy stylings of the original are absent in this clip. This worries us a bit because it seemingly demonstrates that the people behind the remake don’t really get what made the first film such a classic. Maybe it’s in the finished film.

We’ll find out for sure when RoboCop dispenses his unique brand of justice in theaters on February 12 of next year. Until then, enjoy the trailer and let us know if you’re ready for Joel Kinnaman to clean up your street.





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