Shane Black to Resurrect Remo Williams in 'The Destroyer'

Shane Black to Resurrect Remo Williams in 'The Destroyer'

Aug 21, 2014

Unless you were reading pulp novels in the '70s or watching cheesy Fred Ward movies in the '80s, you may not know the name Remo Williams. Star of The Destroyer series, he was a hard-boiled cop framed for murder whose botched execution nets him a job with a secret government agency that fights America's more obscure threats, including everything from cyborgs to ninjas to Rasputin. So who better to resurrect a hard-boiled cop who fights terrorists and robots than Lethal Weapon writer and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang director Shane Black?

Black has been attached to a few high-profile projects since Iron Man 3, so The Destroyer joins Predator and Doc Savage in the list of movies we hope are made as quickly as possible. And while we don't know where this one fits in the production pipeline, we do know that The Dark Knight producer Charles Roven is one of the people overseeing the production, and has been keen to make this movie happen for at least five years.

Roven has already hired Fight Club screenwriter Jim Uhls and original coauthor James Mullaney to pen the script, so don't be surprised if we see the new adventures of Remo Williams before any of Black's other projects.





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