New Red-Band 'This Is 40' Trailer Is Great Because It Doesn't Spoil the Movie

New Red-Band 'This Is 40' Trailer Is Great Because It Doesn't Spoil the Movie

Dec 10, 2012

The online world is funny sometimes: People complain when a trailer shows you too much of the movie, and then they complain when the trailer shows you scenes that aren't even in the movie. The latter is the type of trailer I actually like watching, even though you won't know those scenes aren't in the movie until you actually see the movie. Still, though, it's nice to go in expecting certain jokes only to get different ones instead.

It's tough marketing comedies these days because studios are forced to show some of the movie's funniest scenes in the trailer in order to get people to show up. Not so when you have someone like Judd Apatow behind the wheel, who shoots the hell out of his films and winds up with tons of bonus material. The man has so much extra content that the majority of it is used for trailers and other marketing materials, making it so you're always seeing fresh takes on a scene even if you've already watched a bunch of the trailers before. Sure, some stuff is recycled -- and it may feel like you've already seen a particular scene -- but usually that's not the case, and I wish more comedies would do this.

The latest red-band (aka R-rated) trailer for This Is 40 is not an exception. Half of these scenes aren't even in the movie, and if they are, then what you're most likely seeing here is an alternate take or footage from an existing scene that wasn't used in the final cut. Either way, it's not only a good way to use the alternate takes not in the final version, but it's also nice to know this trailer doesn't spoil the film's best parts.

Check it out below. This Is 40 hits theaters on December 21.

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