New Red-Band 'Evil Dead' Remake Trailer Wants to Swallow Your Soul

New Red-Band 'Evil Dead' Remake Trailer Wants to Swallow Your Soul

Oct 24, 2012

Evil Dead Remake

Forget about that low-quality Evil Dead remake trailer from the New York Comic-Con – today we’ve got the officially sanctioned high-def release for your perusal. Will it live up to the expectations of Deadites everywhere or is this another retelling of a classic horror tale designed to annoy the gore-geek contingent?

Remaking a film like Evil Dead is an enterprise filled with potential pitfalls, and we’ll have to wait until the movie officially releases on April 12, 2013 to find out if Fede Alvarez and crew managed to avoid stumbling into them, but here’s what we can tell from the new trailer. 

-- Director Fede Alvarez appears to be attempting to pull off the difficult balancing act of re-creating the original films (some shots look very similar to ones in Sam Raimi's originals) while also putting his own stamp on things.

-- Jane Levy's new take on Ash feels more like a take on Bruce Campbell's classic character in name only. You don't really get an Ash vibe from her in the trailer. We'll have to see if that changes in the finished film.

-- The tone of the trailer feels different than the tone of the original films. While the first Evil Dead was a gory horror movie with some B-movie humor, the sequel was more comedic still. This trailer doesn't seem funny at all. Part of what makes Evil Dead great is the blending of humor and gore. If one half of the equation is off here, it could throw everything out of balance.

So, it's too early to tell how this project will ultimately play with horror fans. NYCC reaction was largely positive and the film has Campbell and Raimi's personal involvement working in its favor, but this horror geek remains unsold. Have a peek at the trailer below and let us know what you think. Also, this is a red-band trailer, so it's Not Safe for Work 

[via IGN]

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