New Peter Pan Movie Makes Pan the Villain

New Peter Pan Movie Makes Pan the Villain

May 11, 2011

Tired of the boring old Peter Pan dynamic wherein Pan is the magical, flying leader of the Lost Boys and Captain Hook is a one-handed pirate villain out to vanquish the Lost Boys from Neverland? You're not the only one. Or, at least Essential Entertainment hopes you're not the only one, because they've begun assembling a cast for a new Pan tale that radically changes the story and characters J. M. Barrie first wrote about over 100 years ago-- a tale that Guillermo del Toro had been attached to last year, though Screen Daily's report of the news makes it clear he's no longer on the project. And as much of a shame as that is, at least Pan's cast is shaping up nicely even without del Toro.

Aaron Eckhart has been cast as Hook, a washed-up detective who can't give up the hunt for a childlike kidnapper. He enlists the help of Wendy (AnnaSophia Robb), the mentally institutionalized sole survivor of Peter Pan's kidnapping streak, and Smee (Sean Bean), the chief detective tasked with bringing down Pan.

So, yeah, this Ben Magid-scripted tale is not your dad's Peter Pan. In fact, it sounds like such a intentionally grim departure from Barrie's fantasy world that it shouldn't even be called Pan. But hey, Barrie's work is in the public domain, so Essential Entertainment can use the character names to their hearts ill content. And if this means we get to see Aaron Eckhart, hopefully missing a hand, and Sean Bean teaming up together to catch a serial killer, I'm all for it.

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