New on DVD: Oscar-Winning 'Life of Pi' Stuns (Even in 2D); Plus More This Week

New on DVD: Oscar-Winning 'Life of Pi' Stuns (Even in 2D); Plus More This Week

Mar 12, 2013


Life of Pi The message may be a little heavy-handed, but Ang Lee's metaphor-laden spectacle is a CGI masterpiece -- its ferocious, realistic tiger and phosphorescent seas like nothing you've ever seen before. If you're not familiar with the story, it's based on Yann Martel's best-selling novel about a boy who questions religion and God, even more so when his family and their zoo animals sink in the ocean during an overseas voyage and he's left with only a growling tiger as his sole companion. The kicker at the end left some critics cold with its ambiguous religious messaging, but the gripping story and visuals that make up most of the movie make the rest well worth it. Unfortunately, this reviewer wasn't provided a 3D copy, so we can't tell you how that looks at home, but the 2D is still fantastic. Extras: three documentaries, and stills gallery (BD and DVD combo pack/BD); the Blu-ray 3D adds 3D deleted scenes, visual effects progressions and the 3D trailer.

Also new this week:

Rise of the Guardians Mythical characters from childhood, like the Tooth Fairy, Santa and the Easter Bunny, come to life to keep the evil Pitch from taking over the world. Extras: featurette on the cast/characters, printable Easter coloring sheets, interactive guide, commentary (DVD/BD); the BD adds a making-of and featurette on author William Joyce and two interactive games.


Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away An amalgam of various Cirque shows given an original story and shot using Avatar's 3D technology, it stars a real-life Cirque performer as a young woman who falls into a mysterious world and the strange and wonderful characters she encounters. Extras (BD only): making-of featurette, day in the life of star Erica Linz.



Hitchcock Get a glimpse of Old Hollywood with this biopic about the directing legend starring Anthony Hopkins as Hitch and Helen Mirren as his long-suffering wife and collaborator, Alma. Extras: over three hours of bonus material exclusive to the Blu-ray edition, including behind-the-scenes featurettes, one deleted scene, audio commentary, "Remembering Hitchcock" and a "Hitchcock Cell Phone PSA."




This Must Be the Place Sean Penn is an aging goth rocker obsessed with getting revenge for his father's humiliation at the hands of a Nazi years ago. Extras: none.

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