8 Great…Reasons To Hope for an Alien Invasion

Nov 08, 2010 Comments

With few exceptions, Hollywood seems to believe that aliens arriving on Earth would be awful. As evidenced in this week’s Skyline and other alien invasion flicks, we’d experience a siege on our way of life that would end with widespread death and destruction, but not before there were some really cool battles between our technology and theirs. (How we always prevail, we’ll never know, since our extraterrestrial foes have clearly mastered interstellar travel, while the only heavenly body we’ve successfully conquered is our own, uninhabited moon.) But if you really think about it, even some of the worst-case alien invasion scenarios could actually be of amazing benefit to humankind, not the least of which because they often inspire some totally memorable Will Smith one-liners.

As such, we’ve compiled a short list of movie-based reasons why an alien encounter could be pretty freaking sweet if it happened in real life. And, sure, it would seem like things don’t always turn out well for the aliens, but you can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs, right?

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