8 Great…Men in Tights!

May 11, 2010 Comments

If the trailers are any indication, we’re betting Ridley’s Scott’s hotly anticipated take on Robin Hood hitting cinemas this week will be nothing if not serious. (After all, it stars Russell Crowe.) ‘Tis true: Hollywood adores its primeval battles in the name of justice and honor, but let’s face it: men in tights -- especially confused ones -- are funny. Luckily, plenty of Tinseltown’s finest filmmakers have long mined the Middle Ages for its rich comedic potential: village idiots posing as gallant heroes, naughty nobility, sideshow grotesques, filthy peasants, gay princes, jaunty jousting, dodgy monarchs, killer bunnies and slutty maidens--to name but a few. Here are eight films packed with all manner of archaic hilarity.

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