8 Great...Weird-Pregnancy Movies

Aug 17, 2010 Comments

With the exception of seahorses and that transgender guy that was on Oprah, it’s usually the women of the world who do all the heavy lifting when it comes to womb work. Kate Bush even wrote a song about it once for a Kevin Bacon movie.

And that’s why real life is so boring. In movies, anyone can get pregnant while anything and anything can do the impregnating. So the choices become endless. A super-electronic brain can put a baby in a foxy actress. A lady-dude alien can do it all by himself. Satan can knock you up. Joan Rivers can make Billy Crystal great with child. And a somewhat abnormal man and woman can make a monster if they’re weird enough.

Let those people with 18 regular kids keep their reality show. It’s cooler when the movies do it.

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