8 Great ... Uses of Nudity in Film

Nov 28, 2011 Comments
8 Great ... Uses of Nudity in Film

Nudity; it’s our most base state, but it’s also an on-going source of contention and unrest. The camera loves the nude form, and in turn, much of society loves to be outraged by it. In today’s culture, a cinematic glimpse of an unclothed curve is considered more dangerous than bloody violence; a glimpse of the reproductive system can bring more unrest that the most shocking scandal.

But nudity on film is about a whole lot more than adult content, and filmmakers have been pushing the boundaries of nudity since the form’s inception. What follows is a look into eight notable moments of nudity on film – glimpses that were more than just repetitively racy entertainment. Each moment has influenced how we view the human form.  Read on, and share your own choices below, because in over a century of cinema, there are a whole lot more than eight notable moments of cinematic nudity.

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