8 Great...Scream Moments

Apr 11, 2011 Comments

With Scream 4, the genre-bending, influential horror series that effectively used scares, humor, high school angst and cleverly wrapped movie-within-movie references is back from the dead. Yes, it’s been 11 years since Scream 3 was released. Scary. We feel old.

Since the last two Screams never held up to the original, and the Scream series has even been blamed for making horror movies less scary, we’re curious how time, reflection and all the other waves of horror (from the Ring movies to Hostel to even the Scream joke films, Scary Movie etc.) will factor into the newest nightmare.

What follows are 8 great moments in the franchise. And yes, almost all of them contain spoilers and one of them involves Jiffy Pop. Is Jiffy Pop even around anymore? Yep, still feeling old.

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