8 Great: Paul Rudd's Most Offbeat Roles

Aug 22, 2011 Comments

Over the last two decades Paul Rudd's charm, charisma and ridiculousness have made him one of the leading men of mainstream comedy. Even when he's playing the straight man in movies like Role Models, he tickles our funny bones while his boy-next-door good looks make him comedy’s ideal main squeeze.

Whether hunting down an ill-conceived letter (Overnight Delivery), letting himself become an art major’s latest creation (The Shape of Things), or finding a best friend (I Love You Man), Rudd’s sweetness oozes from the screen. But as much as we like his lovable characters, not all of them are the cute hero we’ve come to expect. An accomplished theater actor with a diverse resume, every once in a while Rudd gets to show the camera his range, especially when he digs into retro fare. So in honor of this week's My Idiot Brother, here are 8 of Paul Rudd's greatest offbeat roles.

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