8 Great ... Muppet Movie Moments

Nov 22, 2011 Comments

Don't let anyone tell you differently: the Muppets are an institution. Although they've endured both stunning highs and shocking lows, Jim Henson's felt creations are a cultural landmark and Kermit the Frog ranks somewhere around "Mickey Mouse" in worldwide recognizability department. It's well earned fame. Throughout their nearly four decades of existence, the Muppets have been making us laugh, making us cry and providing the rarest of entertainment: something that is literally fun for the whole family (to borrow a phrase from Terry Gilliam, they're smart enough for kids and exciting enough for adults).

Picking just eight favorite moments from the theatrically released Muppet movies is a daunting challenge (this could have been a 150 Great instead of an 8 Great), but someone has to do it.

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