8 Great...Movies That Mess With Your Head

Jul 10, 2010 Comments

Filmmaker Christopher Nolan’s Inception is finally arriving amid deafening hype. Working from his own original screenplay, the director of The Dark Knight has staged an epic heist film that takes place all within the confines of the human mind, a time-stretching adventure that hurtles its cast (led by Leonardo DiCaprio) through three different levels of one man’s dreaming subconscious.

It’s been a while since we last saw a movie that altered our perceptions in that fashion, but they’re out there. In fact, in addition to the eight we’ve picked below, you couldn’t go wrong with films like Videodrome, 12 Monkeys, Timecrimes, Primer, The Fountain, Last Year at Marienbad and several more. Here are the eight that we think really get the job done of messing with your head -- in the best way possible.

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