8 Great Low-Budget Sci-Fi Films

Jul 19, 2011 Comments
8 Great Low-Budget Sci-Fi Films

Science-fiction doesn’t have to be beautiful, flashy or fletching; it doesn’t require spectacle to be spectacular. All sci-fi has to do -- good sci-fi, anyway -- is expand your world a little bit.

A Sundance smash back in January, Another Earth begins with the discovery of a second Earth, one that’s been hiding in the shadow of the sun, identical to ours in every way: It has the same trees, the same oceans, and the same people as Earth. The dizzying possibilities of its premise are more than enough to have you thinking about the flick long after the lights come up. It’s a satisfying in a way that its blockbuster brethren rarely are. With that in mind, here are 8 other sci-fi gems to remind us that movie magic comes cheap, it’s the wizards that are expensive.

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