8 Great...Evil Next Door Neighbors

Aug 15, 2011 Comments

At the end of the day, there are really only 3 types of movie neighbors: Sex bombs, serial killers, and sex bombs who are also serial killers. I guess that a case could be made for the nosy neighbor, but that archetype is most often relegated to T.V. Land (“Abner! Abner! The Stevens girl has an elephant in her living room!”). The point is that neighbors are no longer to be trusted. They used to come calling for a pinch of sugar, now they want a pint of blood, and movie neighbors are there to remind us that proximity must never be conflated with trust. Sometimes there’s nothing more dangerous than the illusion of safety. Sometimes a vampire Colin Farrell moves next door and starts eating your friends. In honor of Fright Night, here are 8 great evil movie neighbors to remind us that property lines are bureaucracy’s way of keeping you un-murdered. Beware, spoilers abound.

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