8 Great ... Board Games That Need Their Own Movies

May 14, 2012 Comments

Ever since Transformers went bonkers at the box office (three times), an odd trend emerged from the robotic toy’s success – the mass development of toys and board games into movie properties. Hasbro struck gold with their “more than meets the eye” bots and have since created a fledgling film franchise around G.I. Joe, as well as actively developing films based on their slumber party stalwart, Ouija, and the elongated exhibitionist Stretch Armstrong. Next up in their oeuvre is the impending loud and smashy alien invasion blockbuster, Battleship.

Yes, that’s the same Battleship most people associate with little red and white pegs that you gleefully stick into grey plastic boats to crush your playtime adversary. Somehow that low tech concept evolved into a mega-million dollar summer movie of the same name starring Taylor Kitsch and Rihanna who are packing a whole lot more firepower than just pegs.

Scratch your head in confusion, and even titter derisively, if you must, but every idea in Hollywood comes from something and why not board games? They offer built-in nostalgia, strong adversarial lines and some pretty high concept environments that lend themselves to a cinematic treatment. With that in mind, we’ve pondered some other classic board games that seem tailor made for adaptation in the near future.

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