8 Great...Big-Screen Teachers

Jun 20, 2011 Comments

After going through years and years of schooling, how many in-class lessons do you actually remember? Now, after years and years of moviegoing, how many big-screen lessons do you remember? While I can barely recall my French vocabulary words, standard high school mathematics or chemistry formulas, I’ve got no problem recounting some of the best of the best from on-screen educators like Harry Potter’s Professor Dumbledore and even School of Rock’s so-called Mr. Ned Schneebly.

In honor of the June 24th release of Bad Teacher, in which Cameron Diaz will likely taint our minds as a “booze-swilling, pot-smoking, hard-swearing” middle school teacher, why not take a look back at some big-screen lessons that actually ring true? (And maybe some that are just downright hilarious, too.)

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