8 Great...Back-to-School Movie Lessons

Sep 05, 2011 Comments

Hollywood is far from an ally when it comes to education. There are countless films that either gently manipulate history and art or all-out transform it (woolly mammoths didn’t help build the pyramids no matter what Roland Emmerich tells you). But there is one thing Hollywood knows well – the politics of high school.

Cinema has taught us the right and wrong ways to woo the object of our affection, how to get sexy in three easy steps (remove glasses and ponytail, swish hair), as well as how to deal with cliques and bullies and painful teen rituals. It is, perhaps, the most inclusive genre – we’re given the smart and the stupid, the popular and the geeks, the outgoing and the shy, the rich and the poor. One day we’re trying to buy beer as McLovin’, the next day we’re bitching about a Burn Book.

We could spend a hundred pages with handy rules for surviving high school, but in the interest of time we’ll stick to a small assortment of handy lessons every student should remember thanks to some killer high school films.

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