8 Great ... Awkward Movie Moments at the Dinner Table

Nov 23, 2011 Comments
8 Great ... Awkward Movie Moments at the Dinner Table

Thanksgiving is here – that lovely holiday of delicious birds, questionable history, and awkwardness – lots and lots of awkwardness. It’s that time when girlfriends and boyfriends meet the extended family, when long-lost relatives come home for a festive family reunion, when modernity battles tradition, and it’s all put on with a smile.

Naturally, on the big screen it’s even worse. The camera loves to capture mountains of drama, and filmmakers enjoy making us squirm, so film is a veritable cornucopia of awkward dinner-table moments. What follows are the cinematic scenes that will make you feel better about your own familial feast, allow you to have friends in your uncomfortable misery, or maybe offer amusement at others’ misfortune as you avoid the holiday altogether. Click on and dig in!

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