The New 'Need for Speed' Trailer Hopes You Like Fast Cars and a Furious Aaron Paul

The New 'Need for Speed' Trailer Hopes You Like Fast Cars and a Furious Aaron Paul

Nov 18, 2013

Let's all be realistic here. There wouldn't be a Need for Speed movie were it not for the massive success of the Fast & Furious franchise. Sure, the NFS video game series predates the FF movies by almost half a decade, but they've really only stuck around because they're one of the legacy franchise titles in gaming. The games don't exactly have stories -- though that's not a complaint, all they try to be are ridiculous racing simulators. And so it's fitting, then, that the new trailer for Need for Speed makes it look like the movie equivalent of a Fast & Furious simulator.

That doesn't mean it automatically will be a bad movie, it just looks like an unauthorized spin-off, is all. It stars Aaron Paul as an angry guy who drives absurdly expensive cars for a living and who has a lot of pent up beef with other angy guys who drive absurdly expensive cars for a living. And if that's enough, he's got a knockout babe in the passenger seat (Imogen Poots) and a guy in his crew (Kid Cudi) who can deliver anything he needs to get the job done, including helicopters that can airlift cars mid-race.

So if you've got a fondness for Aaron Paul or the Fast & Furious franchise, you'll probably dig this movie when it hits theaters on March 14, 2014.




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