New Movie Trailers: 'Nocturnal Animals,' 'Frank & Lola' and 'Pet'

New Movie Trailers: 'Nocturnal Animals,' 'Frank & Lola' and 'Pet'

Oct 21, 2016

This December, a few acclaimed thrillers are heading your way, and we've got new trailers for each of them. Preview the SXSW hit Pet and two movies starring Michael Shannon below. 



In this disturbing-looking feature, Lost and Lord of the Rings star Dominic Monaghan plays an obsessive creep who kidnaps Ksenia Solo (Orphan Black) and keeps her in a cage. Our own Peter Martin, reviewing elsewhere, says it "stirs up emotions that are not easily caged, and much of its reception out of SXSW focused on its twists and how it takes very dark turns. Directed by Spanish horror filmmaker Carles Torres (Apartment 143), this one can be found in theaters on December 2. 


Frank & Lola 

The first of the Michael Shannon movies is a Sundance hit that also involves obsessive love, with him playing a chef who falls hard for Imogen Poots. There appears to be some revenge involved, but not against her. Described as a romantic noir, it's the feature directorial debut of Matthew Ross, a former film critic and entertainment journalist and also stars Michael Nyqvist, Justin Long and Rosanna Arquette. Look for Frank & Lola in theaters on December 9. 


Nocturnal Animals 

In Shannon's other movie, he plays a detective in a story within the main plot, and it's a supporting role. Amy Adams takes the lead in this sophomore effort from fashion designer-turned-filmmaker Tom Ford (Single Man) as a woman afraid that the revenge novel by her ex-husband (Jake Gyllenhaal) is a veiled threat against her. Others appearing in either level of the story include Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Isla Fisher, Laura Linney, Michael Sheen and Armie Hammer, and this also coming out on December 9.




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