New Movie Trailers: 'Jack Reacher 2,' 'Rules Don't Apply' and 'The Space Between Us'

New Movie Trailers: 'Jack Reacher 2,' 'Rules Don't Apply' and 'The Space Between Us'

Sep 29, 2016

We have already seen previews for the following three movies, but now each has a new trailer with a different and maybe even improved marketing strategy. See if you find the upcoming releases more appealing with these fresh approaches. 


Jack Reacher: Never Go Back 

This second spot for the Jack Reacher sequel is actually a minute shorter than the first, and yet it feels more packed with energy and badass thrills. Tom Cruise is in fact back as the title character, and so is his penchant for punching. Leaning even more on the movie's violent action, this trailer is sure to excite anyone down with Cruise being in something you'd expect from Arnold Schwarzenegger in 1985. Jack Reacher: Never Go Back hits theaters October 21. 


Rules Don't Apply

Warren Beatty's return as both a filmmaker and an actor was first shown to us as a goofy Hollywood romp with a lot of focus on his portrayal of eccentric billionaire Howard Hughes. This second spot sells the movie as a more romantic picture with a more level tone, drama over comedy. Alden Ehrenreich and Lily Collins may even be drawing us in more than the prospect of seeing the first Warren Beatty movie in decades. We'll find out if it's truly worthy when it opens November 23. 


The Space Between Us 

While the first trailer for this sci-fi drama stuck mainly to the initial premise of a boy played by Asa Butterfield born and raised on Mars, this one makes the movie seem to be about a girl on Earth played by Britt Robertson who chats online with a kid who turns out to be from the red planet. The Space Between Us looks more like an exciting fish out of water story, a lot more heartfelt than the previous spot indicated. See how it all comes together when the movie opens on December 16. 




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