Marvel Studios Countdown: Everything You Need to Know About Marvel's New TV Shows

Marvel Studios Countdown: Everything You Need to Know About Marvel's New TV Shows

Jul 25, 2016

Marvel may have owned San Diego Comic-Con just with the sheer number of trailers and announcements for their upcoming live-action slate. As the movies become more like television episodes, the television becomes more like movies, adding characters and concepts that are cinematic in their own right.

We’re still waiting on something which will combine all Marvel’s heroes into one sprawling story (the movie formerly known as Infinity War?), but for now, here are the TV announcements and trailers fresh from the con floor; coming soon to your TV set!

Marvel on ABC: Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Gets Ghost Rider!

Promotional materials for Season 4 of the ABC show already hinted at an upcoming appearance by the Spirit of Vengeance, but now it’s confirmed. Gabriel Luna will be playing Robbie Reyes, the most recent character to hold the mantle of the Ghost Rider. The cult fave Marvel character is a vengeful demon with a flaming skull head who uses a human host to exact revenge on the guilty.

Reyes drives a muscle car instead of the motorcycle that fans associate with the “Johnny Blaze” version of the character. Ghost Rider was brought to the screen twice, with Nicolas Cage playing Johnny Blaze, but this version will have no connection to those films.

When Do We Get It? Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 4 begins September 20, 2016.

What Can I Read Until Then? Check out Robbie Reyes’ comic book origin in All-New Ghost Rider: Engines of Vengeance.


Marvel on FX: Legion Brings Prof. Xavier’s Legacy to TV

While not as well known as Wolverine, David Haller AKA Legion has been kicking around the X-Men universe since 1985’s New Mutants #25. The illegitimate son of Professor Charles Xavier is one of the world’s most unusual and powerful mutants - a troubled young man with different mutant powers for each one of the personalities in his head (the comics estimate Haller has 200 potential identities each with their own ability set). X-Men comic diehards know Legion for his role in instigating the event that became ”Age of Apocalypse.”

Dan Stevens (Downton Abbey, The Guest) will be bringing Legion to life, sans giant flat-top, under the care of writer/director Noah Hawley (responsible for FX’s exemplary Fargo). Note: This is the only property on this list which does not exist in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

When Do We Get It? Early 2017 on FX, TBD.

What Can I Read Until Then? The best Legion story starts in X-Men Legacy: Prodigal, which allowed the character to take center stage for the first time.


Marvel on Netflix: Luke Cage Returns With a Vengeance

Jessica Jones left everybody wanting more Luke Cage, and we got him. Mike Colter is back as the reluctant hero (formerly known in the comic books as “Power Man”). In his solo series, Cage seems to be shedding any semblance of a “normal” life to do good in his neighborhood. What did that kid say? With great power comes great responsibility?

The Netflix series will likely explore Cage’s origins as an ex-con who’s subjected to experiments that grant him impossible strength.

When Do We Get It? Only on Netflix, September 30, 2016.

What Can I Read Until Then? We’ll point you to the classics - Power Man & Iron Fist Epic Collection: Heroes for Hire.


Marvel on Netflix: Iron Fist Introduces Danny Rand

Until now, most of the Netflix series have been “street level,” but Danny Rand’s story looks to expand that a bit. The Rands discovered the mystical city of K’un-L’un, but were betrayed by a family friend and business associate, and it cost Danny’s parents their lives. Danny is the only Rand left, and he is raised by K’un-L’un monks to learn the way of the Iron Fist. Rand returns to New York as an adult to seek out the business partner who betrayed his father.

Eventually, he teams up with Luke Cage and we get one of comics’ greatest pairings, but we might have to be patient through the first season of Iron Fist for that. Finn Jones (Game of Thrones) is playing the title character.

When Do We Get It? Spring 2017, TBD.

What Can I Read Until Then? The most universally acclaimed run of Iron Fist begins in 2006’s The Immortal Iron Fist: Complete Collection Vol 1.


Netflix: Defenders Is Teaser Nirvana

Defenders is the Avengers for Marvel’s Netflix characters. Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist will join forces to throw down against some greater threat yet to be revealed. Though this line-up is not one traditionally associated with the comic book version of the team, it keeps the brand in the spotlight. The character most associated with the Defenders comics, Doctor Strange, will be in the Marvel Universe by the time this series debuts so we’re crossing fingers that there’s some connection, even if it’s a slight one.

When Do We Get It? 2017, TBD.

What Can I Read Until Then? There’s no comic book precedent for this version of the team, but the last Defenders monthly was a riot in its own right. Try Fearless Defenders: Doom Maidens for the heck of it, but closer to the spirit of this TV series is Marvel Knights - a comic series from 2000 which teamed Daredevil, Punisher, Shang Chi, and Black Widow together against the darkest corners of NYC. It has yet to be collected into a book, but single issues can be found digitally on Comixology and Marvel Unlimited.

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