'Man of Steel' Gets One Last Trailer, in Case You're Still Not Convinced to See It

'Man of Steel' Gets One Last Trailer, in Case You're Still Not Convinced to See It

Jun 06, 2013

Earlier today The Hollywood Reporter ran a breakdown of how Warner Bros. had arranged for a mighty impressive $170 million in promotional dollars for Man of Steel product tie-ins. That doesn't mean that companies paid them that much for product placement in the movie (though there will be some of that, no doubt), rather that that's how much money companies like Mattell, Chrysler and Gillette have committed to promoting their own products alongside Man of Steel.

Basically, it's a way for the studio to offload a huge, huge chunk of its marketing expenses onto third parties in exchange for letting them piggyback off of Superman's popularity. It also explains why the just-released fifth and final trailer is being brought to the world by the technology company Nokia.

In case you have yet to be convinced to see Zack Snyder's Man of Steel when it hits theaters on June 14, here's a company that makes cell phones and apps giving you a very action-heavy look at the rebooted adventures of everyone's favorite son of Krypton. 



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