Everything We Know About the New 'Jason Bourne'

Everything We Know About the New 'Jason Bourne'

Feb 09, 2016

"Why would he come back now? asks Tommy Lee Jones in the brief trailer for Jason Bourne that debuted during the Super Bowl. That's a good question, as it's been nine years since we last saw the title character, in The Bourne Ultimatum (he was absent from the 2012 spinoff The Bourne Legacy). Fortunately, we have some answers, care of Matt Damon via Entertainment Weekly. Here's all we know about the upcoming sequel:


Seriously, why is Bourne back now?  

As far as why the franchise has brought the character back, Damon and director Paul Greengrass finally saw enough change in the world for there to be an interesting story. "There’s been the financial collapse, the great recession, all these issues of cyber warfare and civil liberties – things that are slowly coming to into the zeitgeist as we start to grapple with what the future is going to look like," Damon says, of the changes since 2007. "And so those are kind of somewhere in the stew of our story."


Basically, he was just sitting out the Obama years, seeing the world as being better hands?

That's what it looks like, though it's not as if Jason Bourne is waiting for the election results before arriving in theaters. "If you look at the first three, they are films that are product of the Bush presidency," Damon says. "Thematically, they touch on things people were talking and thinking about during that presidency. This one feels like a movie about today."


Do any real current events figure directly into the movie?

"This movie opens with an austerity riot in Athens," Damon reveals, "and that’s very much by design. It feels current with what’s going in our world. You’re always creating an alternate reality with Bourne, but you want to feel like it’s our world."


Does cyber warfare play into the plot, too?

Yes, with Alicia Vikander playing a cyber warfare specialist. "Instead of just the three arenas of warfare — air, land and sea — there’s now this fourth element: cyber," Damon acknowledges. "The implications of that are huge, and she’s representing that in the movie."


Then Vikander is not just playing Bourne's love interest? 

It sounds like Vikander's character is over in Langley with Tommy Lee Jones's old-school CIA character. "He’s kind of representing the analog CIA in the way the old guard thinks," Damon says of Jones's character. "Those two go head to head quite a bit."


Who else is in this one?

Vincent Cassell, who plays the villain, Riz Ahmed, who plays a tech specialist for the CIA, and Julia Stiles, who returns as Nicky.


So what is Bourne's reason for showing up on radars again now?   

Damon doesn't go too much into detail, but Bourne hasn't been able to just sit around happily ever after. Not everything has been resolved. "At the end of Bourne Ultimatum, he gets his memory back and it kind of completed that identity journey for him," the actor explains. "But does that complete things for the character or not? And the conclusion we came to is no – we find him in a very dark and tortured place. He’s living with the same things as he was before, and then he goes to find Julia Stiles’ character, who basically says (as heard in the trailer), 'Just because you remember everything, doesn’t mean you know everything.'"


Wasn't this movie supposed to begin a whole new story for the character?

That seemed to be implied, or maybe just assumed, but that's not the case at all. "This is the completion of this journey that started in The Bourne Identity," Damon reveals. "It’s part of the first three, it’s not a whole new chapter. It feels like the conclusion, even though we’re not saying it’s the conclusion, it feels like the conclusion of my identity journey. It goes deeper than Ultimatum, basically."


When do we finally get to see this long-awaited continuation?

Jason Bourne opens in theaters this summer, specifically on July 29, 2016.




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