New Inception Trailer Looks Cool, Top 2009 Trailer Surprises

New Inception Trailer Looks Cool, Top 2009 Trailer Surprises

Dec 30, 2009

  •  Mind Frak The new trailer for Christopher Nolan’s first movie since The Dark Knight is out and looking like a mind-bendingly good time.
  •  Worthy? Who’s rumored to play the All-American Flash Gordon? Australian actor/movie star Sam Worthington, who seems to be landing every plum role out there despite being about as interesting as a lawn chair. (Then again, this comes by way of a website called Hollyscoop, which means this news is about as believable as Sam's American accent was in Avatar.)
  • Top Trailers Yahoo put out their annual list of the most-viewed trailers of 2009, and it has some surprises. Trust me when I say that movie No. 8 didn’t live up to its awesome preview. Pity.
  •  Great Scot! Wanted’s James McAvoy is attached to play Ian Fleming in a movie based on a book about the James Bond author, who based his superspy character partially on his own life. McAvoy is about as Bond-like as a houseplant, but a pic about the author sounds intriguing.
  •  In Superhero News… In an interview with Fangoria, director Joe Johnston said he’s planning to start filming Captain America in June….Some crew members just hired to create the look and feel of Green Lantern have impressive credentials. Now, casts, please?

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