New Horror Trailers: 'Jessabelle' Haunts the Bayou While 'As Above, So Below' Scares Paris

New Horror Trailers: 'Jessabelle' Haunts the Bayou While 'As Above, So Below' Scares Paris

Apr 24, 2014


A pair of trailers for new horror movies hit the Web today, and while they take on very different topics, there is something about both films that caught our eye: location, location, location.

For a stretch most Hollywood horror movies took place in one of two locations: a safe, cozy, boring neighborhood in the suburbs where all the houses look the same or in a rundown warehouse or hotel. Thankfully, neither of today's films fit that bill.

First up is Jessabelle, from prolific horror producer Jason Blum (Sinister, Insidious) and director Kevin Greutert (Saw VI). It's about a young woman (Sarah Snook, who was the best part of the SXSW sci-fi movie Predestination) who uncovers a potentially terrifying message her mother recorded for her before she died. What follows looks to be a twisty, sweaty excursion in the bayou, which is a welcome change of pace from the bland Ikea-furnished rooms of Paranormal Activity and its imitators have been giving us lately. 

And next up is As Above, So Below, a new film from the Dowdle brothers, the gents who gave us Quarantine and Devil. It takes place in the sprawling system of catacombs under Paris, and looks to be a found-footage film about explorers uncovering... something. There was a 2007 movie called Catacombs (starring Pink!) that already used the Paris underground as its setting, so the location here isn't wildly original, but at least it's not Randomtown, USA. Also, it's kind of hard to tell from the trailer, but it does end with a moment that implies some big supernatural forces are at play, so that's promising.

Jessabelle hits theaters on August 29, 2014. As Above, So Below debuts two weeks earlier on August 15.



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