McG is in Talks to Direct the He-Man Reboot

McG is in Talks to Direct the He-Man Reboot

Jan 22, 2016

We don't really need a new He-Man movie, not when they made a perfectly good one in the 1980s. Of course I'm referring to Beastmaster, which isn't technically a He-Man movie but sure looks like one in many ways. Unfortunately, most people think of the official He-Man movie, Masters of the Universe, which is embarrassingly bad. For them, a new adaptation of the popular toys and cartoon series could serve as redemption. Or at least finally give them a depiction of Orko on the big screen.

For a while, it seemed like we'd never actually get one either, as a new He-Man movie has been in development for years and at different studios. There has been talk of directors as varied as John Woo, Jon M. Chu, John Stevenson and Jeff Wadlow being attached to helm the reboot, but now there's a new name on board, and this one could very well be the done deal. According to Deadline, McG is in talks with Sony for the gig, and if hired he will oversee yet another rewrite of the script.

McG has a stylish knack for directing action, and I for one think he did a decent job with Terminator Salvation, his only movie involving sci-fi and fantasy elements. Masters of the Universe only has to be a fun take on a world of swords and battlecats and be true to the source material (as in no portal to Earth) for the sake of nostalgic fans. He did that already, sort of, with the also-underrated Charlie's Angels movies. This thing doesn't need to be Star Wars but it could potentially be the next Pirates of the Caribbean, dependably entertaining and plenty lucrative.

And it could bring McG back into greater relevance. His last two movies, This Means War and 3 Days to Kill, were not very successful, particularly at home, and currently he's helming a horror movie, The Babysitter, which won't earn him any more notoriety. With Masters of the Universe, he has a chance to show he's worthy of tentpole jobs again. Fortunately for him, it won't require much effort to make a He-Man movie that looks like a masterpiece next to the one from 1987. Here's a reminder of what he's up against:

Now here's a look at how using the style and music of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer makes it seem better than it really is:




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