'Godzilla' Stomps America in New TV Spot and Interview Clips

'Godzilla' Stomps America in New TV Spot and Interview Clips

Apr 03, 2014

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May 15 cannot get here soon enough – because that’s the day Godzilla rises from the ocean and stomps his way into America.

To say we’re super hyped about Gareth Edwards’ new feature about everyone’s favorite giant green reptile is an understatement. We’ve got the trailer on loop around here, and we spend a good portion of every day scouring the Internet for all the latest and greatest Godzilla goodies.

Today, we’ve got two new clips to share – one is a brief television spot for the film, while the other is a slightly longer chat with Edwards about his early career.

The TV clip speaks for itself – it’s full of massive destruction and a glimpse or two of the title character.

The Edwards interview is even more interesting, because the director comes across as so likable. The Monsters helmer discusses his early days and how his expectations of going from film school to feature-film directing didn’t pan out as planned. He then talks about how doing everything for yourself is both liberating and terrifying, and how this experience has changed his perspective.

Check out both clips below. Are you as excited about this movie as we are? If you are, geek out with us in the comment section below.

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