New 'Godzilla' Trailer: It's Not Looking Good for Mankind

New 'Godzilla' Trailer: It's Not Looking Good for Mankind

Feb 25, 2014

A new trailer for Godzilla just hit online, and while it doesn't have the same aura of mystery and hiding in the shadows as that excellent teaser trailer, it's still a smokey piece of dread. Bryan Cranston is a scientist of some kind, and he's not buying the government's story about an earthquake causing a ton of damage to a coastal town. This doesn't look like a procedural investigation, though. That's just a preamble to the walking, building-toppling titan that is Godzilla.

You're not going to get any head-to-tail glimpses of the enormous beast here (though you can hear his new roar), but there's plenty of destruction and ominous dialogue about mankind's arrogance. And perhaps most enticing is a glimpse of something at about 2:05 in the trailer. It's a limb crashing into the ground near a group of soldiers, but it sure doesn't look like it belongs to Godzilla. Is this our first visual confirmation that there are other mutant destroyers in Gareth Edwards' film?

Update: At 1:30 it also looks like that's a flying creature - not a jet - that's diving into the water. Great teases, Warner Bros.

Check out the trailer and let us know what you think below. Godzilla hits theaters on May 16.




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