New Godzilla, Independence Day and E*Trade Baby (?!) Movies; Strange Public Apologies

New Godzilla, Independence Day and E*Trade Baby (?!) Movies; Strange Public Apologies

Mar 31, 2010

  •  Gag-Gag Proving that Hollywood learned absolutely nothing from the Geico cavemen, Fox is planning to make a "mission movie" about the E*Trade babies that involves not giving you stock tips, but making their way across the playground. It's truly the end of days, my friends.
  •  ID4 2&3 The website IESB is posting a rumor that $20 million-dollar-man Will Smith has agreed to make not just one but two sequels to Independence Day, back to back, with shooting possibly to start in 2011. Because Fox has to spend all that Avatar money somewhere, right?
  •  Expendable Look, it’s Wild Hogs: The Action Movie!
  •  Godzilla 2012! Because Emmerich & Devlin's 1998 version doesn't count, Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros. have confirmed rumors that they're teaming up on a Godzilla reboot/revamp/re-whatever slated for release in 2012.
  •  Saving Private Benjamin I’m normally in the camp of “can’t they dream up any original ideas anymore” when it comes to the endless stream of redos and revamps coming to the multiplex, but I can get behind this news. I’ll see Anna Faris in just about anything, and it seems like genius casting.
  •  Scientapology Accepted Last weekend the screenwriter of Battlefield Earth issued a bizarre public apology for writing the movie to the New York Post and bashed Scientology in the process. Personally I’d rather hear from writer Akiva Goldsman (Batman and Robin, Lost in Space, the Da Vinci Code movies) or the guys to blame for all those dumb parody flicks instead.
  •  Washed Up John Cusack's neon-and-bodily-fluid-soaked '80s time-travel movie Hot Tub Time Machine opened well under MGM's hoped-for $20-million-plus opening weekend with a dismal $14 million. Which wouldn't be so bad--25 years ago.

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