Edgar Wright's Got a Plan for What He'll Direct Instead of 'Ant-Man'

Edgar Wright's Got a Plan for What He'll Direct Instead of 'Ant-Man'

Jul 23, 2014

Earlier this year, Edgar Wright left Marvel’s Ant-Man after creative differences — and a collective groan was heard from nerds the world over. But the fan-favorite director has already chosen his next project, which should please the geek elite at Comic-Con this week. According to Deadline, Wright will be filming Baby Driver.

The website reports: “The project, which Wright wrote, is described to me as a collision of crime, action, music and sound. That sounds like a close cousin to the Cornetto Trilogy of films that Wright did at Working Title, but at this point at least, it doesn’t appear that Nick Frost and Simon Pegg are part of this."

Where Wright goes, Pegg and Frost aren’t generally far behind (World’s End, Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead), but if we have to do without the comedic trio for one movie, we'll survive. Deadline reassures us the film is “happening on a fast track.” EW reminds us, however, that Baby Driver has been on the horizon for over half a decade. In 2008, Collider reported that Baby Driver would be “a wild spin on the action and crime genre which will be set in the U.S.” There’s also a supposed musical element involved, reminiscent of Wright’s smash Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Look, Ant-Man was pretty disappointing news. Wright has a great knack for action. More importantly, if anyone could make a former thief and electronics guru turned bug man/insect telepath fascinating, goofy (in all the right ways), and quirky it was Wright. But this opening in his schedule allows for some personal projects that give him more control at the helm. Here’s hoping Baby Driver is one of them.




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