New Biopics about Princess Diana and Dominique Strauss-Kahn in the Works -- Find Out Who's Playing Them

New Biopics about Princess Diana and Dominique Strauss-Kahn in the Works -- Find Out Who's Playing Them

Feb 08, 2012


Charlize Theron and Carey Mulligan are two actresses rumored to be in the lead for a new adaptation of Princess Diana's controversial book, Diana: Closely Guarded Secret — written by her former personal protection officer, Ken Wharfe. Ewan McGregor is apparently being eyed up for the role of Wharfe, who was so close to the troubled princess that he was even trusted to look after her sons as children, Prince William and Harry. Producer Stephen Evans wants to bring the story to the big screen, focusing on the years leading up to Diana's divorce from Prince Charles. He's using the Thatcher-inspired movie The Iron Lady as his inspiration. "The movie itself isn’t great, but you do believe you are watching Margaret Thatcher. It’s a tour de force."
While Theron and Mulligan's names have popped up, Evans won't confirm his picks to play the princess just yet. "We are looking at one or two relatively unknowns we think could play Diana well, and also one or two very famous people. How do you know when you’ve found the right person? When you’ve made the movie. You see, that’s the risk." He's also working with Diana's private secretary Commander Patrick Jephson for the behind the scenes details:
"We are dealing with about 11 years of her life from after she had Harry, when he’s aged about two, and it’s partly from the point of view of her protection bodyguard. The emphasis of this really is authenticity and to discover what she went through. Unless you are a Diana freak, quite a lot of it will be unknown to the audience. The movie’s not saying she is unbelievably wonderful or she’s a pain in the neck, the audience can make their own view"
Two other Diana biopics are underway in the meantime. Keira Knightley and Scarlett Johansson are rumored in the lead for a Pathé film. The French studio is calling their movie, Diana. The Tree of Life star Jessica Chastain will appear in Caught in Flight, which focuses on Diana's cozy relationship with Dr. Hasnat Khan. Read more of Evans interview on the Mirror's website.
Meanwhile, a new biopic about former managing director of the International Monetary Fund and French presidential hopeful Dominique Strauss-Kahn may be in the works, and Bad Lieutenant himself Abel Ferrara wants to bring it to life. The movie will imagine the behind the scenes relationship between Strauss-Kahn and his wife Anne Sinclair, amid the sexual assault scandal that happened last year in New York. Strauss-Kahn was arrested and indicted for a claim made by hotel chambermaid Nafissatou Diallo. He pled not guilty and the case was dismissed when doubts surrounding the claimant were raised.
The filmmaker shared with newspaper Le Monde that he has already cast Gérard Depardieu and Isabelle Adjani in the roles of the couple. Screenwriter Chris Zois shared that the film will " … talk about the relationship between two people – two people who are larger than life, but in many ways very much like ordinary people under stress." We hope Ferrara will include a scene where Depardieu shouts, "Till the break of dawn!" while urinating in an airplane.

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