New App Takes Users on a Guided Tour of Paris' Most Famous Film Locations

New App Takes Users on a Guided Tour of Paris' Most Famous Film Locations

Jul 26, 2013

I’m an anomaly. In a modern world where more people have cell phones than toilets, and the number of cell phones is set to eclipse the global population, I’m one of those rare philistines who doesn’t actually own a phone of his own. This new app might convince me to break down and join the masses, though.

The appropriately named “CinemaCity” will allow users who happen to be in Paris to go on a guided tour highlighting famous film locations throughout the City of Light. How cool is that for film geeks?

The collaborative effort (featuring work from Arte, the studio Small Bang, and the Paris City Hall) allows users to follow a path to specific locations on a map. Users can then see a location from a famous film firsthand.

If you’re a budding Godard, you can also shoot your own versions of famous film scenes with CinemaCity, which can then be uploaded for others to view.

CinemaCity is available in French, English and German, and promises to show you Paris “through the lens of cinema.” Hopefully this catches on and other cities will eventually be featured – ones for New York, L.A. and San Francisco would be pretty great. If they ever add one for Jaws in Martha’s Vineyard, I’m buying a cell phone immediately.

Check out a promotional video for the product below, then swing by the official site for more info.

[via Design Taxi]


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