New App Looks to Change the Way We Watch Movies

New App Looks to Change the Way We Watch Movies

May 31, 2012

Sensum app

Technology is changing the way we live our daily lives – and if Filmtrip has their way, it could very well change the way we watch films too.

The company has unveiled a trailer promoting its newest project – a mobile app able to change your viewing experience by using biofeedback to craft what happens in a film or television program. Sound like science fiction to you? You’re not alone…

Called Sensum, the app uses a Galvanic Skin Response system (mounted to the user’s wrist) to gauge their reactions to their entertainment and then cater the content to that data. Current plans are to create a movie wherein each viewer’s reaction to the material would create a different outcome.

Sounds sort of neat, but we’re not sure how useful this device will ever really be. It’s not as if you can watch The Avengers while running the app and get a different outcome to key events in the movie because the movie wasn’t made with alternate scenes in the first place. It seems hard to imagine filmmakers and movie studios embracing what basically amounts to a “choose your own adventure” style of movie-making. Shooting all those extra scenes would be pricey enough, and filmmakers and screenwriters like to think they’re telling you a guided story where every event is important and happens for a reason and isn’t some plot point to be capriciously changed on a whim.

An even bigger question is how would this technology work for something like a horror movie? If the viewer has a rapid heartbeat and is nervous, would the app then switch to something much less frightening? That defeats the purpose of a horror film, where the goal is to be scared. What about a tearjerker?

While the technology sounds intriguing, it’s hard to imagine Sensum ever really taking off as anything more than a novelty. That being said, check out the promo video for the app below and let us know what you think. 

[via DesignTaxi]

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