New App Allows You to Purchase Products Seen On-Screen

New App Allows You to Purchase Products Seen On-Screen

Nov 22, 2011


Dangerous for your wallet, but wonderful for your inner movie/television geek is a new eBay iPad app that allows you to purchase the things you see in films and on TV. However, it looks like the company is struggling for success, since its livelihood relies on cooperation from Hollywood studios, cable television providers, and other media empires. "A lot of it comes down to the media relationships. There is a business opportunity here. You just need to make sure you have all the listings, sizes, where it’s available," Ken Sena — an analyst with Evercore Partners told THR.
How would it work? Basically if you're watching a show like AMC's Mad Men and you're drooling over the jacket or bag so-and-so has — or even one of the props in a scene — the app locates the brand and allows you to purchase it on eBay. Don't fret if you don't have an iPad, because the company is developing an app for other tablets and mobile phones. Is this something you'd be quick to download, or would you pass altogether? Could you even see the company going so far as to let fans know what makeup brands certain actresses are wearing? What other potential does an app like this have?

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