New 'Red Dawn' TV Spot Gets Inspirational (Exclusive)

New 'Red Dawn' TV Spot Gets Inspirational (Exclusive)

Nov 01, 2012

Having seen the film at its world premiere back at Fantastic Fest, we think it's safe to say that one of the best things about Red Dawn is Chris Hemsworth. The Dan Bradley-directed remake of this patriotic '80s classic filmed before Hemsworth went on to become Thor, and it's easy to see why he landed such a coveted role: The man's got star power.

In Red Dawn, Hemsworth leads a ragtag group of high schoolers who have to fend off an invasion from North Korean troops using guerilla insurgent tactics, and that naturally requires one or two instances of him giving his version of a "Kill 'em all!" speech. And as cheesy as these kind of rallying speeches can be in other movies, they work in Red Dawn because Hemsworth sells it with charm and determination.

This new TV spot for the film, which opens on November 21, 2012, gives us a little sampling of one of those speeches. Check it out below.

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