The New 'Midnight Special' Trailer Will Scratch Your '80s Sci-Fi Adventure Itch

The New 'Midnight Special' Trailer Will Scratch Your '80s Sci-Fi Adventure Itch

Feb 15, 2016

[Updated 2/15/16 with new trailer.]

If writer-director Jeff Nichols isn't already on your "I'll watch anything this person makes" list, it's probably because you just haven't seen any of his movies. He's only made three so far and while they're all very different they do have one thing in common. They're about enduring whatever insanity life throws at you, be it family tragedy (Shotgun Stories), potential mental illness (Take Shelter), or a fugitive drifter (Mud) and still making the effort to be a good human being.

That same theme definitely looks like it's carried through to Nichols' fourth film, Midnight Special, only this time it's filtered through the same genre spectrum that gave us '80s classics like Starman, E.T., and Firestarter. It's about a father (Michael Shannon) trying desperately to keep his son, who happens to have special powers, out of the reach of a secret government agency.

The extent of the kid's powers is still unclear, as are the full intentions of the government agency, which seems to be led by Adam Driver, but that's cool. We're happy to keep all those details a mystery until we get a chance to see this thing when it hits theaters on March 18, 2016.


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