New 'Man of Steel' Poster Reveals Superman Is a Bad Guy

New 'Man of Steel' Poster Reveals Superman Is a Bad Guy

Dec 03, 2012

It was pretty clear after watching the Man of Steel footage preview at San Diego Comic-Con that much of the focus in this new film would be on Superman being an outsider -- someone who doesn't quiite know where he belongs. That theme is definitely present in this bold new poster, which positions Superman (Henry Cavill) as the enemy, forced away in handcuffs by a military who don't understand him or his super powers. Of course they'll have to get along with the super-powered alien once they realize he's not the only one capable of wreaking havoc on Earth; that they'll need him to defeat a certain General Zod (Michael Shannon) and his cronies. 

The new poster comes courtesy of Facebook, and it's further proof that Man of Steel is definitely taking a Dark Knight-ish approach when it comes to spotlighting a hero who is publicly villainized. Just how much it'll resemble Christopher Nolan's trilogy, we don't know -- but we'll certainly have a much better idea when the new trailer drops in front of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey later this month.

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