New 'Jurassic World' Photos Show Off a Hunky Chris Pratt and Kids About to Have a Bad Day

New 'Jurassic World' Photos Show Off a Hunky Chris Pratt and Kids About to Have a Bad Day

Jun 12, 2014

If you're looking for your first glimpse of a dinosaur in Jurassic World, you're not going to find them in this trio of images from the A.V. Club. We're glad that's the case, though. We're still a year away from the movie, so it'd be a shame if Universal started tossing the dinosaurs out left and right this early in the process. Mystery in movies is still cool, after all.

So what can we infer from these pictures? Three simple things:


1. Chris Pratt is Hollywood's next big leading man.

Jurassic World Chris Pratt

If you've seen any of his work on Parks and Rec, you know that Chris Pratt has a great handle on comedy and heartfelt drama. And going off the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer alone, he makes a pretty good action hero. So, yeah, we're guessing Pratt's career is only going to continue to go supernova from here out.

As for Pratt's character, here's how director Colin Trevorrow described him to Slashfilm recently:

Chris Pratt’s character is doing behavioral research on the raptors. They aren’t trained, they can’t do tricks. He’s just trying to figure out the limits of the relationship between these highly intelligent creatures and human beings.


2. Bryce Dallas Howard's pantsuit better get very messy.

Jurassic World Bryce Dallas Howard

It's still unclear if Bryce Dallas Howard's character is good or bad in the movie, but since she's been the focus of two publicity stills so far, and in both she's rocking the same, pure white, very corporate-looking pantsuit, we're already looking forward to the moment something goes wrong and that suit gets totally ruined.


3. Kids give good Spielberg face... wait, is that blood?

Jurassic World picture

The last of the three pictures features kid actors Nick Robinson and Ty Simpkins (who were some of the first actors cast in the movie) looking on with trepidation. We can't see what has their attention, but Robinson is holding a construction helmet that looks like it's got a mixture of mud and blood on it. Our guess is these two kiddos have stumbled across some kind of accident at the theme park, and this is the beginning of total chaos.

Lastly, Ty Simpkins is bringing back the fannie pack, and that's awesome.


Oh, and if you're wondering what the first trailer for Jurassic World will look like, here's the first (footage) trailer for the original Jurassic Park: We expect the first teaser for Jurassic World will be equally coy with what it shows.





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