New 'John Carter' Images Show More Aliens and Flying Ships; Another Trailer Arriving Next Week

New 'John Carter' Images Show More Aliens and Flying Ships; Another Trailer Arriving Next Week

Nov 25, 2011

No one knows quite what to make of John Carter just yet. Andrew Stanton's (WALL-E, Finding Nemo) first live-action film is a bit of a gamble for Disney, as it reportedly cost a whole lot to make and, up until now, hasn't really done much to drum up anticipation aside from a decent trailer that hit back in July. Sure, it's based on a well-known series of novels from Edgar Rice Burroughs, but these days you need more than that to bring in the masses -- many of whom won't be familiar with the original property. The first trailer sort of gives off this Prince of Persia (but set in Mars!) vibe, and we're not sure how many folks are sold on Taylor Kitsch as an action hero just yet. If he's going to make a move, though, 2012 will be his year, with both John Carter and Battleship set to hit theaters -- two films that find him fighting aliens.

With a new trailer due on Thursday, SFX has dug up what look to be screengrabs from said trailer. In the film, Kitsch plays a Civil War vet who's transported to Mars where he becomes embroiled in a war between various nations of the planet. Along the way he hangs out with a giant alien named Tars Tarkas (Willem Dafoe, seen below in the second image) and a Princess named Dejah Thoris (Lynn Collins).

The marketing campaign began to kick it up a notch by revealing a new image the other day of Carter fighting a giant White Ape monster, and they'll need to throw more of that in the next trailer in order to get more people buzzing. As it stands they're beginning to run out of time, with John Carter's March 9th release date approaching.

Check out the images below, along with the first trailer. We'll be back to show you the new trailer when it drops next week. Where do you stand on John Carter right now?

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