New 'Hobbit' Photos Give First Look at Martin Freeman as Bilbo

New 'Hobbit' Photos Give First Look at Martin Freeman as Bilbo

Jun 23, 2011

The Hobbit - Bilbo

It's a good time to be a fan of Middle Earth.  Next week, Warner Bros. new Extended Edition Blu-ray box set comes out, but today something even a little more special is ready for your early morning eyes: your first look at the characters of Peter Jackson's new two-part film epic, The Hobbit.  

Yes, back when production started to really gear into place, we got a look at a few of the sets, but today Entertainment Weekly has shared our first look at Martin Freeman as Bilbo Baggins.  A whole cast of other hobbits dwarves can be seen behind him as he stands in the hallway of his familiar home, Bag End, but it'll take a keen Hobbit-fan to identify them all.  

But we also have our first production photo of Gandalf (pipe in hand, of course), as well as a new behind-the-scenes photo of Jackson giving Freeman some on-set direction.

The Hobbit - Gandalf

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