New 'Hobbit' and 'Sparkle' Trailers Drop; Paul Thomas Anderson’s 'The Master' Sneaks Out

New 'Hobbit' and 'Sparkle' Trailers Drop; Paul Thomas Anderson’s 'The Master' Sneaks Out

Aug 06, 2012

The Master

Anticipation has been so high for Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Master, a religious-themed drama starring Philip Semour Hoffman, Amy Adams,and Joaquin Phoenix (above), that the release date got moved up to September 14. Its official world premiere has been rumored for the Venice or Toronto film fests; surprisingly, the film's public debut came at a special, unannounced sneak preview for folks who happened to be attending a repertory screening of The Shining at a Los Angeles-area theater this past Friday night. Early reactions have been positive. [Hitfix / Slashfilm]

On the subject of “early looks,” the plot behind Larry David’s new comedy, which will debut on HBO, not in theaters as originally thought, has remained secret -- until now. Reportedly, it revolves around an electric car, a rash decision, fabulous wealth, and not-so-sweet revenge. It’s still planned for a good portion of the film to be improvised, in the style of David’s Curb Your Enthusiasm series, but obviously the characters and setting will be different. [Los Angeles Times]

A new trailer, featuring a fleeting few new seconds of footage, has popped up for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, which we now know will be the first installment of a trilogy. We say: Forget about that drama for now, sit back, watch the trailer below, and allow Peter Jackson and company to transport you. The film hits theaters on December 14. [Collider]

Sparkle is a remake of a 1976 film that itself was loosely inspired by the real-life story of Diana Ross and the Supremes. The new version stars Jordin Sparks (American Idol), Carmen Ejogo, and Tika Sumpter as sisters who sing, and features Whitney Houston in her final role. In a new trailer, costar Ceelo Green sings over the action, which is a great way to promote a musical; the film is out August 17. [MTV]


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